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diaphragm type control valve Diaphragm Type Check Valve

Diaphragm Type Check Valve

Product Type: Check Valve
Product Name:Diaphragm Type Check Valve
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO9001-CE
Product Description

The Diaphragm Type Water Hammer Preventive Check Valve comprises valve body, disc and guide chamber.
The valve body is made of ggg50 ductile iron, which provides strength and durability. The EPDM rubber 
encapsulated disc with the strengthening nylon ensures maximum corrosion resistance and drop tight seal. 
The special streamline design of the guide chamber gives low resistance.

Quick opening and closing with no mechanical impact allows the valve work noiselessly. The valve disc can 
effectively absorb water hammer in the pipe, thereby reducing vibration. The valve is simple, light weight, and
easy handling. 

Application: The valve can be used in potable water distribution system, sewage water treatment plants, 
petrochemical industry, energy and power system, food and pharmaceutical industry, natural gas and coal 
gas system, HVAC system, fire control system and construction building pipelines, to prevent the reverse of flow. 

Main parts list and materials

Body Material : GGG-50 coated with fusion bonded epoxy
Stem:  2Cr13
Disc:  EPDM, NBR
Guide Chamber : GGG-50 coated with fusion bonded epoxy
Back Body : GGG-50 coated with fusion bonded epoxy

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