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Cryogenic Globe Valve

Cryogenic Globe Valve


Stainless steel #304L manual globe valve with extended bolted bonnet and butt welding ends in its standard version. The bubble-tight shut-off is ensured through an integral seat and a very neat lapping.

Designed for use on all air components gases in its standard version, this valve offers a wide range of options which allows the handling of a large variety of fluids. This valve is extensively used in every kind of industrial projects: air separation plants, petrochemical plants, dangerous products transportation, …
General features the use of a stainless steel cryogenic extension (bonnet and stem) reduces the calorific conduction betweenthe very low temperatured flowing medium and the packing. This ensures perfect tightness of packing in service conditions.the sturdy design, the high-quality of the selected materials and the high-performance components of this valve provide to it multi-purpose characteristics.this valve does not contain copper or copper alloy in contact with the atmosphere the seat of the valve is hard faced (Stellite™) for higher mechanical performance live loaded graphite packing for high pressure tightness Alternatives Extension length upon demand Throttling plug Plug with PCTFE (Kel-F™) soft insert Socket-welding ends or flanged ends Stainless steel #316L construction Construction without copper or copper alloy in contact with the flowing medium Fire safe construction reinforced packing gland Lockable handwheel Actuated valves open / closed)

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